WKPT is the largest supplier of machining parts for commercial vehicles in Taiwan.

WKPT is the largest supplier of machining parts for commercial vehicles in Taiwan. Over 70% of transportation parts on site are commercial vehicle parts. Main products are components of the chassis and brake system of a commercial vehicle, including shock absorber support, mounting bracket, torque plate, reducing housing, caliper, brake bracket, brake back plate, thrust plate and wheel hub, etc. We are able to offer multi material machining such as iron, aluminum, steel surface treatment, heat treatment, blank forming, and are also able to co-work with customers for new product development. Products are mainly exported and qualified by major brands including CUMMINS, NAVISTAR, HALDEX, VOLVO, etc. We are an IATF 16949 certified high quality manufacturer in the automotive industry.

Important Topics of Vehicles on Eco-Friendly and Energy-Efficient

Commercial vehicles play an important role in economic development in each country, but carbon emission is one of the factors of global warming. Facing the challenge of climate change, being eco-friendly and energy-efficient has become an important topic for human beings. Vehicles (commercial vehicle) weight affects energy consumption, so reducing vehicle weight can improve fuel efficiency and reduce carbon emissions, to reduce the cause of global warming.

Emission Reduction Technology and High-Strength Material

To improve fuel efficiency and weight reduction, high-strength materials and emission reduction technology will be used on various components in vehicles. WKPT uses different methods and materials such as high-strength ductile casting, ADI casting iron, forged steel and aluminum, etc. respectively on turbo housing, high-strength brackets, EGR parts, etc. We also offer one-stop service including precision turning and milling, heat treatment, surface treatment, welding and assembly, to dedicate ourselves to eco-friendly and energy efficient vehicle parts by controlling product quality precisely.

Electric Car Parts Development

While the global automotive industry is developing toward electric cars, near 128 countries are committing to be net-zero emissions by 2050, most countries are planning to phase out fuel cars by 2040. WKPT is devoted to developing electric car components such as electric bus brake components, servo motor housing, change gearbox housing, actuator housing, differential housing, and inverter housing, etc. We can offer a better manufacturing solution to the electric vehicle industry supply chain by continuously improving our smart automation manufacturing.

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    Gearbox spindle is used in high temperatures and harsh environments, and the properties of the gearbox are stable, so the requirements for material and accuracy are very strict. For the Zero Defect in the automotive industry, WKPT has built the first smart production line of gearbox spindle in Taiwan. IoT digitalization, real-time computing technology like automatic dispatching, parameters and accuracy compensation are imported to improve product line utilization rate and production yield.

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