Construction Machinery

Construction machinery such as crane, bulldozer and excavator, etc.

Construction machinery includes hydraulic excavator, bulldozer, grader, wheel loader, dump truck, crane, earthmoving machine, RC machine, and pile driver which has parts of gear driving, bearing, coupling, hydraulic transmission and heavy machines. Those parts are widely used in building construction such as earthmoving machinery (excavation, transportation, load), RC machinery (gravel, mix, transportation), pile driving machine (casting, drilling and grouting, piling and grouting), and tunnel excavation (blasting and excavating) .
WKPT integrates supply chain, offering metalworking solutions such as iron casting, aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel, etc. Our solutions are qualified by international heavy machinery brands including Komatsu, Sumitomo, Kubota, etc. and their Tier 1 suppliers.

Construction Machinery Parts and Environmental Protection

Coping and adapting to global environmental protection, construction machinery needs to reduce fossil fuel loss and improve energy conversion efficiency.

It is necessary to reduce air pollution from engines and improve hydraulic system efficiency to reduce vibration and noise by new design and manufacturing of new construction machinery and parts.

Compliance with NRMM Emission Regulation in EU and Japan

All construction machinery parts sold by WKPT are compliant with (EU)2016/1628 and Japan Air pollution Control Law. Materials can be referred to IMDS (International Material Data System) and compliant to environmental regulations.

Coping with regulations for construction machinery, we offer the materials of products in high strength, high elongation such as gray cast iron and ductile cast iron, along with total solution including precision turning and milling, heat treatment, surface treatment, etc. From mega to micro size of construction machinery parts, we are well -experienced to offer metalworking services to your request.

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    Construction machinery is used in harsh environments, especially high temperature and high strength resistance to engine flywheel housing. For this kind of product feature, tough material with solid structure is considered for manufacturing. In order to have outstanding assembly quality, there are rigorous demands on the surface of machining and casting. We have high standard checking defects and flatness, as well as surface roughness by controlling the process precisely, to reach accuracy requests.

    Construction machinery always works under harsh environments. Its hydraulic system bears the loading of the excavator all-around, so the hydraulic cylinder is considered with high-pressure resistance. Such product properties are suitable for tough ductile cast iron without any casting defects which may leak inside. In order to increase operation stability, standard such as concentricity and surface roughness are strictly applied on machining precision. High precision specs guarantee that all processes are done precisely.

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