Smart Manufacturing

WKPT was a traditional manufacturer in its early days. As industrial technology advances, we have started a digital revolution in traditional industry. At an early stage, we have installed a complete ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and SFT (Shop Floor Tracking) system, etc. In the middle stage of the digital revolution, we have started collecting machine data from 20x CNC machines, PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) of the working platform and robotic arm, and developing Industrial IoT on site.

  • Start from 20x CNC machines, systematically collecting data from machines then developing industrial IoT on site.
    IoT of PLC and Robotic Arm
  • Digital Optimization and Data Analysis

    After machine automation, we have invested in a series of digital optimization work, such as big data analysis, vertical and horizontal integration of supply chain, enterprise cloud and Internet safety, etc. Combining technology with business model and keeping upgrades in operation, production and customer experience, WKPT becomes a modern metalworking manufacturer with smart production and data analysis skills.

    Combine technology with business models and keep upgrading in operation, production and customer experience.
  • Smart Production Management System for Automotive Parts

    At this late stage, we have imported a “smart production management system for automotive parts”, including manufacturing production management, device connection and information visualization, auto accuracy compensation and IoT security, etc. Data exported from machines will be added into PLM (Production Lifecycle Management), APS (Advanced Planning and Scheduling), MRP (Materials Requirement Planning), MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and power management. We also integrate this information into BI Dashboard for decision making in production control.

    Auto compensation feature will give feedback to machine based on automatic measuring result.
  • Factory Utilization Rate Increase

    After investing in smart manufacturing, in high-mix low-volume mode, machine utilization rate is from 55% to 78%, high-end production yield from 94% to 98%, which proves the utilization rate is successfully improved. We also keep device connection stable through IoT, improve production efficiency, simplify management to raise the smart manufacturing level of WKPT.

    Production yield lifted from 94% to 98% after smart manufacturing.
  • AI Visionary Detection Polishing System

    WKPT recently revealed the project results of the Ministry of Economic Affairs' "Digital Transformation of Metal Products andSupply Chain Upgrading Plan”, promoting high-value products and transformation of business models through new technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud platforms.

    Based on AI visual inspection technology, WKPT built an intelligent automated grinding system combined with robotic arms, and applied it to the surface grinding of offshore wind turbine brakes. The grinding coverage achieved over 95% successfully. This project realizes the product application of traditional manufacturing industry crosses green energy industry,and enhances the added value of metalworking industry. In addition, being aware of the importance of data sharing and collaboration in the company, WKPT imported a cloud-based platform for PLM and information flow. All project members from various departments have been benefited with a better communication and work efficiency. WKPT uses AI and cloud operations to promote high-value products and business model transformation, and improve the competitiveness internationally。

    Intelligent manufacturing introduces AI visual recognition grinding system