Technical Support


1. Warranty Period
  Ex: LCD BIOS and cable support, OS and hardware support
  1) To enable us to provide you with a prompt solution, please provide detailed information including:
      Product name, PCB version, BIOS version, and product S/N
      Model and specification of applied peripherals
      Application software and version, including OS and AP testing program
      Application environment (for example temperature, humidity, and vibration)
      A clear description of the problem-is it reproducible
  2) When we receive this information, it will be reviewed by an application engineer. Customers will receive an initial reply and a CSA (Customer Service Authorization) within four working hours. If service requires additional charges, the customer's verbal consent and a signed confirmation are required before any further service can be provided.
  3) Due to the wide spectrum and applications of products, Arbor is unable to fully prepare all required software and hardware facilities. In order to conduct application environment simulation for a solution, customers are required to provide related facilities for testing.
  4) Application Engineers will contact customers with updated status reports until the problem is resolved.
  5) Application Engineers will contact customers within 48 hours to confirm whether the provided solution is valid. The case will be considered closed if either the solution is valid or customers do not reply after receiving the third confirmation from the Application Engineers.
2. Adherence to Quality Control
  1) The procedures for a product quality problem are the same as those outlined for an "application solution".
  2) Provided defective products need to be sent back for analysis and repair, after sales maintenance procedures apply. However, Application Engineers will still follow up the product status.
3. On-site Technical Support
  Where available, local branch offices or customer service departments provide technical support as needed. Areas without local customer service are provided on-site service when possible.
  1) Application Engineers will contact customers within four working hours of the request to confirm the product application environment and the characteristics of the problem. Customers will be contacted via telephone or email in order to reduce the cost to our customers.
  2) If on-site technical service is necessary, Arbor will confirm the service charges, on-site location, and technical support visit time with the customer.
  3) After completing the on-site service, Application Engineers will fill out an On-Site Technical Service form. Customers are required to sign it as confirmation of services rendered.
  4) The technical-support fee will be charged to the customer. (For more details, please refer to the "Technical Support Policy.")
4. Customize Service Requests
  Our service lay out the platform you needed to develop specific application, in which embedded OS has been tested with the board you need.When any of the above services are required, contact our Application Engineers according to the following procedures. (For more information, please visit our website or contact your Arbor sales representative.) Application Engineers will contact customers within four working hours after conducting a study to determine the problem with the received goods. The case will generally be resolved within 3~7 working days.Customers need to provided product technical documentation, updated BIOS and drivers, product specifications, and brochures for which want to building on them integrate system.